Transition from SAS to R in less than 4 months

Accel2R is a learning program designed for clinical organizations, including pharma, medical devices, and contract research organizations, that need to upskill their teams to the R language. With advanced learning techniques, a clinical specific curriculum, and a unique SAS to R learning approach, we transition your organization from SAS to R in less than 4 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in learning more about if Accel2R is right for your organization? Explore these common questions and answers first.

How does the learning program work?
The Accel2R learning program is a blended learning program consisting of a unique clinical specific curriculum. Your team’s learning and training is supported by our guided learning team and supported along their journey. Your team will have access to a learning portal with over 60 hours of R learning content, exercises, and knowledge checks. 
How is Accel2R different from instructor-led or e-learning?
We do not provide generic eLearning. Our R curriculum is focused for learning those tasks that are needed to support the clinical trials process. We also have Learner AI that allows us to evaluate learning progress and provide support as needed. Our Guided Learning team meets with our clients monthly to provide learner updates.
How do you accelerate SAS to R learning?
We use a variety of learning techniques to accelerate the learning process. One technique is the side by side SAS to R learning approach.  Another technique is the availability of our 24x7 virtual lab where each student has their own learning experience.
What is your learning AI and guided learning program?
We collect data along the learner’s journey. This allows us to identify when a learner may be having some challenges. We can then engage the learner in different ways and also provide you meaningful feedback on their progress.
What is your curriculum?
Our curriculum is targeted specifically for organizations that are supporting the clinical trials process.  We cover R fundamentals and more advanced clinical R topics such as creating SDTM and ADAM datasets.
Agile Transformation: Agile Factory Readiness, Framework, Training, and Coaching for System Support

A global network equipment and services corporation needed to improve and replace the 10-year-old methods and processes supporting its Shared VLAN (SVL) support organization. The existing processes were expensive and time consuming, but also exposed problems with internal customer satisfaction due to an excessive, 20 percent rework situation and low employee morale from unmanaged intake and acceptance processes. The SVL organization’s highly skilled resources were overburdened with work management processes that distracted from their highly visible and business-critical technical support activities.

Cyber Security: Vulnerability and Penetration Testing - Red Team Attack

Our client, a rapidly growing retail company with online and brick-and-mortar stores, wanted to determine if and how a motivated attacker could compromise its networks and systems. While the client had taken significant steps to reduce the risks associated with storing and processing credit card information and other sensitive data, the company’s leadership was concerned that the business was still vulnerable to attacks that could compromise or disable its systems. The client wanted to mimic a realistic attack of its networks and specific high-value systems without disrupting business functions or alerting its operations team.

Test and Continuous Quality: Mobile Application Testing

The client, a software provider to the property and casualty insurance industry, needed to quickly establish a mobile testing QA team to obtain immediate results for a consumer-facing mobile application a third party was developing. The mobile application had previously only been tested by the client’s CTO and by the third-party developers coding the application; it required a more formal QA process to accommodate dynamic design changes and Agile development. The client needed better product quality for its customer base to use the mobile app.

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2 women meeting around computer


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