A Sustainable World

More than 70 years ago, our business was founded on the principle of Doing Well by Doing Good - delivering a profit to our shareholders while contributing to society. Fast forward to today and this dual purpose still holds true:

Our Plan

Our Sustainability Plan is built around learnability and employability: about how we help people nurture the desire and ability to develop in-demand skills to be employable for the long-term.

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Our Stories

ManpowerGroup is delivering on our values to ensure our stakeholders emerge from this crisis stronger, more skilled, more competitive and more successful than ever before. Learn how our stakeholder view comes to life in global initiatives in Our Stories.

Our Perspective
We believe businesses have a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future for work, for workers and for the world. We are driven to lead by example, and we are guided in everything we do by our Values, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the UN Global Compact Principles and Sustainable Development Goals. This is how we attract and retain the best talent and how we create a culture of conscious inclusion that fosters innovation, enables high performance and allows everyone to achieve their full potential.
Featurette Quote_Social Responsibility
Featurette Quote_Social Responsibility


Experis IT Professional

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"[Experis is] a good company to work for they communicate effectively take care of their employees and are professional in dealing with them."