Gaming the System to Upskill Talent

Business Issue

A US-based technology company sought to expand the gaming software side of its business. They needed quality gaming testers, but fierce industry competition and a shortage of technical talent made recruiting a challenge. The client also lacked a strategy for developing future talent, making their outlook for meeting business objectives uncertain.



Experis, part of ManpowerGroup, saw an opportunity to build the pipeline of talent to better enable the company to focus on growth. In particular, the team created a program to upskill the client’s existing contractors and train them on the most up-to-date game testing and quality assurance skills.

Experis designed a game-testing curriculum, which is delivered to candidates at offsite Gaming Test Centers. The Test Centers, run by Experis, use gamification techniques to incentivize learning and track progress. For example, the curriculum provides recognition to those who have completed specific milestones or demonstrated competency in relevant technical skills. The first center opened in March 2010 in Portland, Oregon. Based on that success, a new facility opened in Tempe, Arizona in 2018.



The program has exceeded all establishing goals, including the following:

  • Due to the success of the original Gaming Test Center, the program has been expanded to cover additional regions and reach more candidates.
  • Since the program started, Experis has provided upskilling and training opportunities to over 500 associates.
  • The program builds loyalty among the most skilled contractors. Those reaching the highest level of the program tend to stay with Experis for over four years.
  • The program offers a proven model of employee development. More than 40 percent of the program’s long-term contractors have been promoted more than four times


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