Business Challenge

An existing Experis client approached Experis to boost data usage in their teams. Due to time constraints, the client was unable to dedicate the effort necessary to promote important data usage techniques themselves. Knowing Experis has extensive training support and data utilization knowledge, the client approached us to provide training on ways that telemetry data should be utilized for stronger and more efficient testing practices. 


Using existing knowledge and collaborating with client experts, we were able to build an extensive training program consisting of both in-depth presentations and hands-on workshops. 

Presentations were provided to a wide audience. They were designed for those with no (or very little) existing knowledge of data usage, and those who would be responsible for reading and acting on basic visuals. 

Workshops were provided to a limited audience of those who were expected to use data regularly and create data-driven insights. These workshops were structured into three parts over three hours, and allowed people to practice hands-on data visualization techniques.


After the training was completed, interest in data usage significantly increased. Teams were able to then create data-based solutions which saved time and identified significant issues which otherwise may not have been found. There was an observable increased interest in data usage in all roles.  

  • A total of 24 hours of custom and recorded content was provided
  • Over 90 participants engaged with the content
  • Additional data efforts are now being pursued with momentum from Experis’ training
  • After training, individuals were inspired to be data advocates and created insightful data dashboards
    • Found bugs they couldn’t find before
    • Found information from data that allowed bugs to be fixed faster
    • Completed root cause analysis to find where and how critical bugs originated
    • Added a new tool to the tester toolkit
  • Measurable impacts based on employee survey
    • 33.4% are investigating bugs using telemetry
    • 29.6% use telemetry when discussing issues with their team and partners
    • 20.4% adjust testing methods based on telemetry


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