Data Science: Analytics Maturity Assessment for a Telecommunications Leader

Experis identified critical issues in the assessment and made high impact recommendations. We developed a three-year roadmap to address the most transformative items. Experis is now considered as a valuable partner with the client’s newly formed Enterprise Data Analytics Program.

Male IT tech in front of servers


Our client, one of the largest communications companies in the world, wanted to evaluate its analytic processes and practices. Different groups managed analytics their own ways. This fragmented approach put the client at risk of acting based on data lacking the elements necessary for insightful and timely decisions. The client wanted to assess how to achieve a sustained, stable, high-performing analytics environment.


Experis Solution

Our assessment focused on people, processes, technology/data, and culture. To learn about the client’s existing analytic processes, capabilities, and challenges, Experis conducted onsite data-gathering sessions with 40 key players from IT, business strategy, and domain owners.

Taking the time to understand the current state of the client’s environment provided insight into how to address long-term goals to mature and unify the client’s analytics strategy. The assessment identified analytics silos, data management, data access, analytic process, and governance issues.

Like many companies, this client wanted to standardize:

  • Workflow/process management, including the many processes embedded in individual teams and functional silos hindering collaboration
  • Methods for analytic workflow and reporting
  • Process transparency and documentation

    To standardize analytic processes, Experis evaluated several workflow tools other departments had licensed. Since the work path for analytics is like software development, Atlassian’s JIRA, Confluence, and GIT tools were chosen.

    As part of the Analytics Maturity Assessment, Experis recommended:

  • The creation of an analytics project request portal
  • Resource management and analytics request prioritization
  •  A standard workflow with optional sub-tasks
  • Development of a standard versioning methodology

  • A library for reusable code

    Experis enhanced and supported work delivery, operations, and management. We developed a three-year roadmap and were engaged to address high priority findings. The client implemented analytic workstation standardization as well as the improving data access.



Experis provided recommendations for repeatable and controlled managed work activities that consistently deliver the highest quality work products.

Recommendations focused on ways to achieve a highly effective Analytics Center of Excellence. Experis also suggested actions to advance overall capacity to deliver the highest quality analytics products. Several of the client’s groups are now collaborating and moving out of a silo mentality. They now see the value to the business and to their individual groups as their analytics platform matures across the organization.

Originally engaged by one group, Experis expanded to working on analytics workflow process with IT Analytics, Compliance, Supply Chain, Finance Analytics, Marketing, and Product Development.