Usability Testing Managed Service for a Global Technology Company

A major technology company wasn't receiving enough study participants to manage their usability testing program and internal customers were going elsewhere. Experis reorganized the team to maximize productivity and added 5,000 new UX study participants to the client’s database, three months ahead of the initial schedule. Experis now schedules an average of 600 participants in studies per month.

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Our client, a major technology company, conducts thorough usability tests on its products to maintain its competitive advantage. But the client’s previous provider wasn’t delivering enough study participants and wasn’t effectively managing the usability testing program. Internal customers were going elsewhere for participants because studies weren’t being filled. Every study has a different set of demographic qualifications, so the client needed a provider who could effectively fill these unique studies. 


Experis Solution

The project was completed in two stages: a discovery phase and an execution phase. Discovery established the logical SQL Server data models and transformation Experis shaped a managed service program in a fixed price structure for recruiting and scheduling study participants. The Experis program manager used her marketing background to re-strategize how recruiting was done and to optimize the program overall. She designed and built a specialized team to support recruiting, qualifying, scheduling, and reminding study participants. 

Using digital and event-marketing tactics, the Experis team recruited and nurtured study participants at events large and small, from arena-size concerts to niche Meetups. Targeted social media advertising and email marketing also performed well for connecting with potential candidates. 

Experis reorganized the team to maximize productivity, increased email study recruitment, and shifted the hours we were contacting people to more closely match their availability for calls. 

The fully managed program includes recruitment and events management, scheduling, marketing, data analysis, participant outreach, survey design and analysis, and ongoing oversight.



Experis used a creative approach to completely manage and transform the way the client recruits usability testing participants. We significantly improved UX testing performance in several ways: the previous vendor was delivering 15.8 schedules per day; Experis doubled that number to 30-35 per day with fewer staff; Experis added 5,000 new UX study participants to the client’s database, a 10% increase in nine months, three months ahead of the initial schedule; Experis schedules an average of 600 participants in studies per month; active studies, which number between 45 and 70 at any time, have increased 25 percent since the first quarter of the program,, and Experis has driven a 93% study success rate.