Software Engineering: Full Lifecycle Application Development for a Financial Services Client

Experis provided a fully outsourced delivery team complete with project management, analysis, design, application architecture, and development expertise. We also implemented Amazon Cloud Hosting Services.

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A pre-paid card seller used Galileo as its ACH processing house. To improve their performance and speedup the card sales circle, the client needed to build two applications: a consumer-facing website, and an API administration internal site to process card payments and manage other services.


Experis Solution

Experis designed, architected, and developed a responsive website using all JSP with JSTL for reusable libraries and HTML5 data caching for future mobile users. JavaScript Frameworks included:

  • AngularJS to handle client-side responses with Tweeter Bootstrapping
  • AJAX to present backend services to quick screen updates on report sections
  • JQuery and Bootstrapping for responsive design

Tomcat Application server with Apache HTTPD was used for the webserver, with MySQL Enterprise as the database to handle transactions and redacted user information. The site is hosted on AWS VPN, with the EC2 instance for users outside of the VPN and the database, and another instance for users inside the VPN. Database authentication and authorization for registered users was implemented as well. The more complex administrative site required PCI certification and several bank approvals that can cause unpredictable delays.

Experis built a site that:

  • Views registered users by various search conditions
  • Lists stores selling the pre-paid cards by store, zone, state and country
  • Generates daily, weekly and monthly earnings by stores, zones, state and country
  • Provides an API gateway to Galileo to process payments through their bank
  • AREST API for stores to make card sales from the consumer site or internal site
  • System monitoring and alert tools to maintain app security


The backend was implemented using:

  • OAuth2 for client authentication at the RESTful services layer, authorization is user-controlled dataset from the database
  • Core Java for utilities and batch services
  • Spring Frameworks (Spring MVC, JDBC, IOC, JMS and IOC)
  • Java RS using Jersey Framework
  • Deployed applications inside the AWS (providing IaaS, Geo Services and S3 for storage) VPN and several EC2 instances.
  • MSQL Database take advantage of several AWS data services.


  • Project Manager/Business Analyst
  • Analyst/UI and UX Designer /Tester•2Front and back End Java Developer
  • 1 Technical Architect with Amazon Cloud Services Expertise


The client wanted to create an enhanced marketing website that allowed customers to prospect and access information about the client’s products and services while allowing existing customers to access their account information. Experis provided key resources to collect the requirements, provided conceptual and final designs, developed the website and implemented the final, customer-facing and administrative versions. Experis provided fully outsourced delivery team complete with project management, analysis and design, application architecture and development expertise. We also implemented Amazon Cloud Hosting Services that included Private Cloud, S3, Notification, routing and other services.