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Our professional consultants have partnered with some of the most respected organizations in the world, including Microsoft, and many hold certifications such as International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), Certified Software Tester (CSTE), Project Management Professional (PMP), and more.

Our Gaming Solutions

We have over 450 consultants covering a range of roles, including practice leaders, test management, test project management, program managers,  and more, who use engineering and development methods such as telemetry and analytics to instrument code in games and test automation.

Quality Assurance / Testing
Our comprehensive suite of software testing solutions includes strategic consulting, test management, test case design, process reviews, functional test execution, and reporting.
Assessments and Process Reviews
With frameworks such as TPI®, Project Management Institute (PMI)®, and our own Quality Accelerators, Experis collaborates with game publishers to determine a strategic vision and define a roadmap for reaching beyond expected levels of quality for your software applications.
User Research
Our teams specialize in discovering effective solutions for complex problems in development, platforms, and products. We facilitate the most exciting innovations in technology for world-class UX gaming experts through study management, participant recruiting, and project oversight, making us on-the-ground team leaders in game research and development.
From software localization to simultaneous interpretation, medical documentation and IT-related material, we deliver high-quality solutions to a wide array of industries by combining our expert personnel with a unique workflow developed from years of hands-on experience.
Our professional resourcing and project solutions are designed to fit your business, whether you’re looking for an interim design engineer, a project team for a critical initiative, or your next VP of Engineering. Our engineering solutions help you contain costs, increase productivity and accelerate the results of your initiatives. 
Agile Transformation: Agile Factory Readiness, Framework, Training, and Coaching for System Support

A global network equipment and services corporation needed to improve and replace the 10-year-old methods and processes supporting its Shared VLAN (SVL) support organization. The existing processes were expensive and time consuming, but also exposed problems with internal customer satisfaction due to an excessive, 20 percent rework situation and low employee morale from unmanaged intake and acceptance processes. The SVL organization’s highly skilled resources were overburdened with work management processes that distracted from their highly visible and business-critical technical support activities.

Cyber Security: Vulnerability and Penetration Testing - Red Team Attack

Our client, a rapidly growing retail company with online and brick-and-mortar stores, wanted to determine if and how a motivated attacker could compromise its networks and systems. While the client had taken significant steps to reduce the risks associated with storing and processing credit card information and other sensitive data, the company’s leadership was concerned that the business was still vulnerable to attacks that could compromise or disable its systems. The client wanted to mimic a realistic attack of its networks and specific high-value systems without disrupting business functions or alerting its operations team.

Test and Continuous Quality: Mobile Application Testing

The client, a software provider to the property and casualty insurance industry, needed to quickly establish a mobile testing QA team to obtain immediate results for a consumer-facing mobile application a third party was developing. The mobile application had previously only been tested by the client’s CTO and by the third-party developers coding the application; it required a more formal QA process to accommodate dynamic design changes and Agile development. The client needed better product quality for its customer base to use the mobile app.


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