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Do you need to get started quickly? Or add to your existing team? Whether you're looking for designers, developers or testers, Experis' Game Solutions team can find you the talent you need to keep your product on track.

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QA Testing

Experis has been providing Quality Assurance solutions since our Game Solutions practice began in our Portland facility in 2010. Since then, we’ve built a mature test practice that is structured but flexible. We have a strong understanding of product quality and what drives the end user's satisfaction and enjoyment, providing not only the technical product testing but contextual feedback as well.

Test Management & Execution
Our involvement in Test Management extends as far as our client partners would like, whether that means executing along a predefined strategy or owning an entire project without client or studio oversight. We are well versed in the needs for strong defect management, test process optimization and effective allocation of testing resources for a successful testing effort, and we bring well-developed processes of our own for quality delivery of these services.
Test Strategy & Approach Creation
As a full-service quality partner, Experis Game Solutions can provide consultation and assistance with defining your organization or department's test strategy or the approach for any phase of your development lifecycle. Our goals are to understand your needs and your customers’ needs so that we can get the right coverage for your title.
Test Centers / Managed Services
Consolidating testing and quality into a managed service provides compounding benefits and efficiency as clients gain the advantages of Experis Game Solutions' years of expertise, training, tools, and resources. This proven approach, with domestic and offshore facilities, can allow organizations to centralize their product quality resources without interruption in current critical project initiatives.
Shift Left / Embedded QA
When you need embedded quality resources, testers, engineers and SDETs on site with your own quality or development teams, Experis has that covered too. We'll integrate testers into your teams to detect and prevent defects earlier in development while coordinating with your Experis offsite teams, to ensure your full test plan goals are achieved.
Performance Reporting
We use our clients user traffic requirements and projected changes to applications, networks and hardware to create performance test models, effort estimates and planning tools for initializing a targeted test effort. In addition, our consultants are skilled in a wide variety of load and stress testing tools to execute the test plan efficiently.
Mobile & Device
As technology advances, there is a need to develop specific skills and approaches for testing. Experis Game Solutions provides guidance, expertise, and facilities to boost success and focus in game and mobile application testing.
Compatibility & Configuration
Experis Game Solutions maintains an inventory based on top market share in order to maximize your product's compatibility with your target audience. Modular configuration allows creative customizations, while our compatibility testers can provide actionable intelligence to improve your product.
We understand the true meaning of localization – and what it takes to do it perfectly. We’ve been doing it since 1992. Our professional team, unique workflow and high-level QA processes embody the essence of our expertise – providing you with the best, most cost-effective localization services available today.

User Research

With solid user research foundations and sparks of creativity, our teams specialize in discovering effective solutions for complex problems in development, platforms and products. Through study management, participant recruiting and project oversight, we’re the on-the-ground team leaders in game research and development.

Engineering & Design

These roles are filled by EGS consultants who embed with your organization or work independently.

Studio Roles
Experis Game Solutions can help you from the moment your idea sparks to life. We are experts at professional resourcing and project solutions to fit your business at all levels: whether you’re looking for a focused project team for a critical initiative or individual resources for your design, development and production roles, we know the industry, and understand your needs.
Technical Writing
Our technical writers are creative, innovative, critical thinkers who keep themselves motivated; working well within teams or in self-directed endeavors to collect content and information, and create high-quality documentation. Writers work with subject matter experts (SMEs) at our clients to collaborate, standardize, and create content maps for projects, departments, or even entire companies.
VFX artists concept and prototype new effects using 3D modeling software such as Maya, Max or Houdini. Using a solid understanding of physics, motion and animation, they work closely with a team of animators and artists—either on staff or embedded—to bring new and exciting experiences to the world of games.
Environment Artist
Using organic modeling and a strong understanding of environment construction, environment artists help our clients bring immersive worlds to life. We cultivate and grow strong skills in 3D modeling software, including Autodesk Maya, and the connections to understand how creating engaging levels and maps contribute to the game's world and storytelling.
Lighting Artist
Our lighting artists work dynamically with our client's art teams, using the tools available, whether commercial or proprietary, to bring out the best in our clients' content. Whether lighting player interactions, cinematics or environment, they understand color grading, exposure, SSAO, bloom, tone mapping, curves and more, while striking the balance with performance guidelines.

What our Partners Say

"I appreciate the flexibility and customization that the [Experis compatibility testing] team has been able to provide."

— Client Quality Manager

"Experis has provided solid support during the WFH process, and our titles are getting the support they need with minimal impact, if any, to our quality efforts."

— Client Quality Manager

"In most cases I have [Studio Project] leads that are close to the day to day activity within Experis, and I know together they have built trusted relationships and have clear intent on how to make their titles as successful as possible."

— Client Quality Manager

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