Enterprise Application Services

As complexity increases in application landscapes, digital and SaaS require more IT resources. Experis can help you maximize efficiency and performance of your application portfolio.

Professional Resourcing and Training

Through professional resourcing, we get your workforce ready for digital transformation. We attract and match talent with in-demand skills as well as provide critical training in areas such as: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and other application technologies. 


TrueStart Assessment

TrueStart assessments provide expert analysis and consulting to deliver a clear, reliable roadmap for the future success of a client’s critical IT and business initiatives.


Software Modernization

Outdated software can impact your business on multiple fronts. If the same technology that enabled your enterprise a few years ago is now holding you back, we can help. New platforms, new functionality, and a fresh UI are all within reach.


Quality Assessments

Technologies continue to evolve as do the methods and knowledge needed to test them. We partner with you to build an approach to continuous improvement to insure long-term effectiveness.


Test Automation

Test automation increases the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of software testing. We are a leader in test automation for global clients, backed by decades of experience.


Game Testing

We offer a comprehensive suite of software testing solutions, including strategic consulting, test management, test case design, and more, empowering our partners to release their very best interactive experiences.


Our Services

Professional Resourcing

Finding the right talent with in-demand skills and expertise to fill your most critical roles.

Managed Services

With guidance, governance, and quality, we deliver the outcomes you require from anywhere in the world.

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Cloud: Salesforce Custom Mobile Application Development

The client, a large branded work apparel and facility-services company, wanted to use Salesforce1, the Salesforce mobile platform, to deliver a customized mobile experience to its sales representatives. The client follows a very prescriptive sales process which requires updating multiple records in Salesforce for each step in the process, such as accounts, contacts, opportunities, and associated activities. Since mobile solutions require ease-of-use with as few taps, page switches, and field updates as possible, the client wanted a solution that leveraged the Salesforce1 platform while providing a customized experience.

Salesforce Mobile App for Android Tablets

A large payment processor needed a custom, rules-driven business needs analysis (BNA) application for customer-facing needs that could run as an Android tablet application, work online and offline, and write all the data and recommendations back to Salesforce. The Experis Mobile Development and Salesforce teams worked together to build a hybrid Android app based on the Salesforce Mobile Development SDK.

Salesforce Custom Application Development

A large anesthesiology practice with approximately 100 practitioners had a set of existing applications built on PHP to gather billing and other data regarding anesthesia procedures. Due to audit findings, the client had one month to move the applications to a new platform. Experis helped modernize the practice’s patient record-keeping by migrating them to a stable, secure platform that didn’t need to be maintained by the client’s limited IT staff.

Woman giving presentation in conference room
Woman giving presentation in conference room



at a financial services company

"One of our inherent problems is that we think about testing at the end… testing was an afterthought more than a primary thought. It’s the old corporate, “You have three weeks to test,” and we live with what we can get done. The assessment magnified this weakness in our thinking and showed its devastating impact on product quality.”