Cyber Security Services

Our customer-centric approach delivers the best all-encompassing cyber security services to your organization.

Professional Resourcing
Through professional resourcing, we get your workforce ready for your cyber security initiatives. We attract and match talent with in-demand skills as well as provide critical training for roles such as: Security Architects CISSIP-ISSAP, Security Engineers, Azure AZ-500; Security Administrators, Microsoft 365, and MS-500.
Advisory - Governance, Risk, and Compliance
We help organizations set security goals tailored to their needs and advise on the most efficient ways to achieve them. Our services include: Cybersecurity and Risk Management (ISO27001/5, NIST), Risk Analysis, Audits, Culture Mapping, CISO as a Service, PCI, GDPR/Privacy and DPO as a Service.
Security Operations Center
Cyber criminals and malicious attackers are launching an ever-growing number of attacks against organizations for financial gain, competitive intelligence and even state-level warfare. Malware often poses as normal behavior in the organization IT environment, they can go undetected for months, compromising the organization data and operation. Detecting, responding, and removing evolving threats as soon as possible are crucial to minimize downtime, financial loss, and limiting damage to brand identity. Implementing a proactive security operations center is less expensive than dealing with the high costs associated with “crisis response."
Security Testing

We actively work with you to distill raw assessment data into reports that are visibly aligned with your business risks and potential business impacts at multiple levels of detail. These reports effectively communicate the results based on the needs of your stakeholders, including senior management and technical staff.

Experis provides:

- Penetration Testing
- Customized Goal-Oriented Penetration Exercises
- Vulnerability Assessments
- Social Engineering
- Network, Wireless and Web Application Security Reviews
- Incident Analysis and Response

Security PMO
The successful selection and implementation of security projects are a high priority for the C-suite and companies' board of directors. Failed or delayed implementation can leave a company vulnerable. The Experis Security PMO is a proven service, built and delivered to our customers, that will close the door on poorly run security projects. Our unique focus on Security ensures that projects are planned and executed with the right focus, tools and people to close the door on cyber-attacks. Experis Security PMO focuses on the unique requirements these security projects require, resulting in timely successfully implementations that meet governance and compliance requirements.

Our Services

Professional Resourcing

Finding the right talent with in-demand skills and expertise to fill your most critical roles.

Managed Services

With guidance, governance, and quality, we deliver the outcomes you require from anywhere in the world.

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Cyber Security: Vulnerability and Penetration Testing - Red Team Attack

Our client, a rapidly growing retail company with online and brick-and-mortar stores, wanted to determine if and how a motivated attacker could compromise its networks and systems. While the client had taken significant steps to reduce the risks associated with storing and processing credit card information and other sensitive data, the company’s leadership was concerned that the business was still vulnerable to attacks that could compromise or disable its systems. The client wanted to mimic a realistic attack of its networks and specific high-value systems without disrupting business functions or alerting its operations team.

Cyber Security: Vulnerability and Penetration Testing – Healthcare Provider

Our client, a regional hospital and healthcare provider with multiple small, medium, and large facilities, wanted to determine where their facilities, services, and information were susceptible to a motivated attacker. The organization had an active information security program, but their leadership wanted a third-party evaluation to be performed. Experis was requested to use a variety of realistic attack methods to assess the adequacy of the security measures without disrupting business or patient services.

Cyber Security: Vulnerability and Penetration Testing – Municipal Water Utility

Our client, a regional public water utility servicing multiple cities, towns and, government facilities, wanted an in-depth evaluation of their core networks and systems to determine where their systems and services might be susceptible to a motivated attacker. The organization had deployed a variety of security safeguards but needed a third-party evaluation to establish the adequacy of the controls to their senior leadership. Experis was engaged to execute a variety of realistic internal and external attacks against the organization to assess the security measures without disrupting business or customer services.

Male IT tech in front of servers
Male IT tech in front of servers



at a Fortune 500 company

“Experis provided what we requested very efficiently in time and expense. They were quick to understand our needs. Our tools are enhanced greatly by their involvement. It is a pleasure to work with them."