Get to Market in the Shortest Possible Time

Our Sprint2MVP website build process is designed for speed to market. Launch your next website in the shortest possible time with the core features required for effective online marketing. Our made-to-measure approach is designed to fit your industry, and attract your ideal customers.

The Sprint2MVP Difference

Sprint2MVP offers a number of core benefits separating us from what you get from an agency, an online SAAS provider or even trying the DIY option.

A visually attractive website, designed to appeal to and draw in the ideal customer, minus the overwhelming, gratuitous, self-indulgent, award-focused over-design.
Websites today embrace clean design with strong inspiring visual effects to stimulate engagement: hero images (and video), parallax, bold clear CTAs, message carousels, and more. The latest HTML, CSS and JavaScript methods enable websites to do more with less, the hallmark of the modern website—less is more.
A website should work for everyone, no matter how they access it.  We work with clients to create websites that are ADA Compliant (WCAG 2.1), device responsive, focused on usability, and visitor’s primary tasks. 
We specialize in creating attractive, effective industry-ready B2B websites built from a standards-based pattern library. While flexibility and customizations may be equally effective to template-based, off-the-shelf designs, they often require more time and are less cost-efficient than template-designed sites.
Design Patterns
Website design patterns are pre-built, pre-tested design elements that incorporate the most common and most usable website elements and layouts. The pervasive use of smartphones steered website designers to adopt simpler, responsive, more usable designs, reducing in complexity and design over-reach.  We think this makes for a more attractive web.
Established practices based on the latest research, tools, and technology, are generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because of results better than those achieved by older and other means. ADA (WCAG 2.1), Responsive, Pattern Libraries, Usability, ECMA Scripts 6, etc.
Industry Standards
Because we specialize in websites for particular industries, we spend a significant effort to research and examine that industry, looking for repeatable good patterns and standards that have become expected by that industry’s ideal customers.
Best Practices
Our goal is to leverage the best practices in website design, development, management, and online marketing. We regularly research the latest, accepted, and effective methods, practices, and techniques. These practices are generally accepted as superior because they produce superior results.
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
We employ a website development model that provides just enough core ability to satisfy most go-to-market efforts as well as a solid foundation for future innovation as needs arise. This approach allows you to get your new website to market in the shortest possible time.
Agile Transformation: Agile Factory Readiness, Framework, Training, and Coaching for System Support

A global network equipment and services corporation needed to improve and replace the 10-year-old methods and processes supporting its Shared VLAN (SVL) support organization. The existing processes were expensive and time consuming, but also exposed problems with internal customer satisfaction due to an excessive, 20 percent rework situation and low employee morale from unmanaged intake and acceptance processes. The SVL organization’s highly skilled resources were overburdened with work management processes that distracted from their highly visible and business-critical technical support activities.

Cyber Security: Vulnerability and Penetration Testing - Red Team Attack

Our client, a rapidly growing retail company with online and brick-and-mortar stores, wanted to determine if and how a motivated attacker could compromise its networks and systems. While the client had taken significant steps to reduce the risks associated with storing and processing credit card information and other sensitive data, the company’s leadership was concerned that the business was still vulnerable to attacks that could compromise or disable its systems. The client wanted to mimic a realistic attack of its networks and specific high-value systems without disrupting business functions or alerting its operations team.

Test and Continuous Quality: Mobile Application Testing

The client, a software provider to the property and casualty insurance industry, needed to quickly establish a mobile testing QA team to obtain immediate results for a consumer-facing mobile application a third party was developing. The mobile application had previously only been tested by the client’s CTO and by the third-party developers coding the application; it required a more formal QA process to accommodate dynamic design changes and Agile development. The client needed better product quality for its customer base to use the mobile app.

2 women meeting around computer
2 women meeting around computer


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"[I am] super happy with the team and how professional they are. Using OKRs and KPIs have really helped us measure and improve."