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Data Science: Analytics Maturity Assessment for a Telecommunications Leader

Experis identified critical issues in the assessment and made high impact recommendations. We developed a three-year roadmap to address the most transformative items. Experis is now considered as a valuable partner with the client’s newly formed Enterprise Data Analytics Program.

Software Engineering: Platform Integration and API Management Consulting

Our client, a large cable company, needed to integrate its siloed IT systems to improve consistency, eliminate redundancy, and increase productivity. Like many companies, the client wanted to move toward platform integration and secure external exposure of those platforms as a service.

Business Process Automation: Back-office Automation for a Telecommunications Company

A large telecommunications provider had more than 180 processes across three lines of business that were outsourced. Unfortunately, this near-shore model was resulting in low accuracy levels, a high handling time, and a less- than-stellar overall experience for key stakeholders.

Featurette Connector - Telecommunications
Featurette Connector - Telecommunications
Healthcare Industry: Focus on technology, innovation & connected care

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