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Data Science: Data Management and Warehousing for a Veterinary School

A large university’s school of veterinary medicine (SVM) prides itself on its teaching and research capabilities, offering extensive learning resources to its students, faculty, and staff. One key resource is a pet hospital database, which houses information on the diagnosis and treatment of animals from 500 hospitals in 44 states. The information is used to promote evidence-based veterinary healthcare; evaluate health outcomes; characterize the frequency and distribution of disease; and provide early warning of emerging infectious diseases. But analysts were not able to access this valuable data fast enough. With custom development in SAS and ESRI, the database required programming expertise and extensive time to write and run programs. The SVM needed to: • Increase speed of reporting and analysis • Eliminate complex programming to access data • Make the database user-friendly • Expand graphical and geostatistical data presentation to enhance analysis capabilities • Share research among veterinary schools and clinics and develop collaboration among industry experts for experiments, research, and disease control

Digital Transformation: Data Integration for a Community College System

The country’s largest community college system, with 113 campuses across the state, was running many simultaneous technology integration projects to support major statewide education initiatives. Some of the goals were to integrate student data from all 113 campuses; expedite student graduation timelines; and to improve online education, education planning, and common assessment capabilities. The client needed a partner to plan and execute the massive set of implementation projects.

Digital Transformation: Website Redesign and Development for an Online Learning Client

Our client, a state university, runs a program designed to help middle- and high- school students excel academically through free or low-cost, quality online learning. Its website – the main portal to share the program and connect with educators, parents, and students – was not functioning well. The site confused users and was challenging to navigate, resulting in a large volume of support calls. Content was also difficult to maintain and update because of the limitations of its custom administrative interface.

Featurette Connector- Education
Featurette Connector- Education
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