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Digital Transformation: Global Website Customer Experience

Experis delivered strategy consulting, project management, design, development, QA testing, and launch support. We redesigned and redeveloped the client’s global property websites.

Digital Transformation: Strategy and Marketing Team Managed Service

The client knew it had gaps in its interactive marketing but didn’t have the talent on staff to fill the gaps, nor the time to manage it. The client’s flagship website needed improvement in its information architecture and navigation, as well as an upgrade in its content management system. The client had no social media plan. It wasn’t using data from analytics to drive decision-making, because staff wasn’t up to speed on the newest tools and approaches. There were a few consultants working in interactive marketing, but in a piecemeal structure that required significant management from the client and wasn’t driving results.

SharePoint Dashboard to Track Sales Performance

A publishing company expanded its materials to include digital media, music, video, and audio and wanted to modernize its offerings and increase its digital sales. Experis built data warehouse cubes using Microsoft SSAS, bringing all sales data into one environment and giving the client access to product sales reporting that is refreshed daily.

Featurette Connector - Consumer Services
Featurette Connector - Consumer Services
Healthcare Industry: Focus on technology, innovation & connected care

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